Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men

No, it’s not that we hate formal outfits, but we just don’t seem to give enough attention because none of our guys wears formal outfits.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have an eye to spot some dashing formal outfit ideas for men.

To help some of you guys who love to wear formal outfits, we’ve curated 21 looks to you can copy to level up your formal outfit game.

By now, as you probably know we love minimalist aesthetics, and the outfits we curated are no different. All of these outfits are simple, easy to put together and guaranteed to look good on anyone.

So, if you love wearing formal outfits because your office demands you to wear or you just like to dress up even when it’s not required, you are in for a treat today.

From simple chinos & shirt outfits to a full-blown suit outfits we’ve got all.

These formal outfits are going to look awesome on you no matter your shape, size or skin tone. Oh and if you are not a fan of formal outfits then you should check out Mensfashionlab for some coolest casual outfits for guys.

Outfit 1: Khaki Trousers + White Shirt + Deep Green Tie + Black Oxford Dress Shoes 

This is a perfect Friday outfit. This is how you dress up when you are going out with friends after work.

The tie is optional. You can do away with the tie and still this outfit will look equally impressive.

To make this outfit little bit more formal you can opt for a nice black leather belt that matches the colour of your shoes.

Wear a nice watch with this outfit to notch up the overall look.

Now, for trousers, you can pick the material based on the season. If you are wearing this outfit in the summers go for cotton trousers or wool trousers for the winters.

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Outfit 2: Beige or Khaki Blazer Jacket + Trousers + Crisp White Shirt + Suede Tassel Loafers 

This is a perfect office outfit if you are not a lawyer or a banker where your only choice in suits are navy and black.

So, if you are tired of wearing same old navy & black suits then this beige colour suitis perfect for you.

This suit outfit works best for creatives or entrepreneurs who sometimes need to dress up.

Add a nice watch and matching belt to complete the look.

A pair of tassel loafers is optional. You can go for any other types of loafers or dress shoes.

Avoid Chelsea or any kind boots. If you decided to pick a different shoe with this outfit, don’t go for the tan colour dress shoes. Tan colour shoes will make this outfit way too monotonous.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 3: Navy Blazer + Navy Chinos + Light Blue Shirt + Blue Printed Pocket Square + Black Dress Shoes 

This is the most classic formal outfit combination of all. This formal outfit works in almost all situations.

The key to making this simple but classy formal outfit look is the fit. This outfit combination is so basic that if you don’t get the fit right, you risk looking like a slob in a suit.

If you are not sure how a suit should fit, here’s a handy guide to help you nail your fit game.

Now, for this outfit, you can go with almost any type of dress shoes baring the boots. Just make sure the colour of shoes is matching with the colour of your belt.

Add a nice printed pocket square with thin piping to complete this classic formal outfit.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 4: White Self Check Shirt + Light Weight Indigo Denim + Tan Oxfords

This is a perfect outfit when you don’t want to dress up too formally. Again white and indigo is a timeless outfit combination that will never go out of style.

You can also add a nice watch or a cool leather bracelet to enhance this outfit.

To make this simple outfit work for you, you have to be extra careful about the fit of your shirt and jeans.

You don’t want to go for super skinny jeans or too tight shirt. You can opt for a tapered or straight fit jeans. A regular fit shirt will work best for this outfit.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 5: Light Grey Trousers + White Dress Shirt + Brown Formal Shoes

This simple but impressive outfit is perfect for you when you don’t want to wear a suit or any other super formal outfit.

However, this outfit is super versatile. Want to dress up a bit? Just layer it up with a navy or grey blazer. Or To make it little less formal you can go for a grey or dark grey waistcoat.

Pair it up with a nice tan formal shoes and a matching belt to complete the look. You can also go for black dress shoes if you are not a fan of wearing tan shoes.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 6: Navy Blazer + White Shirt + Grey Trousers + White Pocket Square + Double Monk Shoes 

Now, I get this question many times. Can I wear Navy + Grey together? And as you can see in this outfit, you can wear navy and grey together and it looks amazing.

When you don’t want to match everything in your outfit and make your formal outfit edgier this is the best combination you can go for.

This outfit is perfect creatives, entrepreneurs who have to dress up in certain situations. But, if you are a lawyer or a banker you can still wear this outfit when meeting a client outside of office like a bar or a coffee shop.

Wear this outfit with cool double monks to edge up the overall look. Add a nice pocket square (matching with your shirt) to complete the look.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 7: White Trousers + Light Blue Shirt + Navy Blazer + Printed Pocket Square + Lapel Pin 

This outfit is perfect for beach weddings or parties.

I know a lot of you don’t really prefer wearing white pants. But, trust me if you know how to wear white pants they can look very good.

Sure, you need to take extra care for your white pants but that should not stop you from wearing something edgy and different. Right?

You can wear loafers or espadrilles with this outfit to make the overall look much better.

Add a cool printed pocket square and lapel pin to complete the look.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 8: Indigo Denim + Light Blue Shirt + Grey Blazer + Navy Tie + Tan Dress Shoes 

Now, this formal outfit is a perfect example of business casual. Yes, when you don’t feel like wearing chinos or trousers and you feel most comfortable in your jeans, this is the outfit you should go for.

As I mentioned above that navy and grey can never go wrong. The previous outfit featured navy pants and grey blazer and this outfit features Indigo (close to navy) pants and grey blazer.

So, either way, you are always safe with the navy & grey outfit combination.

I have never been a fan of wearing a tie, but if you like wearing a tie then a solid colour tie would look great with this outfit.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 9: Navy Chinos + White Shirt + Burgandy Brown Double Monk Shoes 

As they say, navy and white can never go wrong. This is a timeless outfit that will never ever go out of style.

So, whenever you are in doubt and not sure what to wear? You can blindly trust on this navy and white outfit combination.

If you feel like dressing up this outfit, you can wear a matching navy blazer or a cool grey blazer.

The versatility of this outfit allows you wear almost any kind of shoes. From cool white sneakers to sophisticated double monk shoes, you can wear anything and everything you like with this outfit.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

Outfit 10: Grey Wool Overcoat + Dark Grey Crew Neck Tee + Grey Trousers + Grey Scarf 

The perfect example of a monochrome outfit. If you like wearing monochrome outfits then you can definitely wear this outfit.

However, when you wear monochrome outfit please keep in mind the following.

  • Never match with your shoes with the outfit
  • Don’t wear the same kind of fabric for all pieces. play around with the texture. Notice the texture of an overcoat or a small check detail on the scarf. Play a little.
  • If you want to wear a belt with the outfit, same as shoes don’t match the colour of your belt with the outfit.

The dark grey t-shirt in this outfit makes this outfit edgier.You can also go for a grey shirt if you want but make sure the fabric is different from other pieces.

Formal outfit ideas for men #mensfashion #formal #outfits

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